Mosquitos Asesinos del Caribe

Los mosquitos asesinos nos estan acabando en el caribe.


China was declared malaria free today. Congratulations to all who met the challenge and stepped forward to face such a monumental task and reached this milestone! The obligatory question is why is Africa nowhere close to being malaria free? Take out the Sahara and the Kalahari, however, and their sizes are comparable. Africa is three… Continue reading WHO DECLARES CHINA MALARIA FREE

World Mosquito Day

August 20th is World Mosquito Day, a day that commemorates Sir Ronald Ross’s demonstration in 1897 that a female anopheline mosquito is responsible for transmitting malaria to approximately half the world’s human population. Though the use of quinine to treat malaria provided some relief, his discovery paved the way for the development of vector control… Continue reading World Mosquito Day

Realtime Tracking and Forecasting of Outbreak Risk of Dengue, Zika and other Aedes-transmitted Diseases

AeDeS: a next‐generation monitoring and forecasting system for environmental suitability of Aedes‐borne disease transmission,