We offer a wide range of natural and environmentally-sound products and services designed to reduce and eliminate vector populations efficiently and effectively without harming the non-target organism. The application equipment we feature is robust, yet simple to operate and calibrate, and can be provided with or without GPS and other electronic devices.


Tropical Armour, a natural DEET-free formulation is our preferred choice. This natural repellent is as good or better than many of the formulations containing DEET with a pleasant aroma and feel.

Technical Assistance & Training

Our team of experts and experienced technicians is ready to help design, implement, and/or evaluate your mosquito or other vector population suppression measures regardless of its size or complexity. Our collective experience goes well beyond a century and was obtained in four continents under a wide variety of conditions. We use the most efficient, effective, and environmentally safe, and sustainable methods. Once the program is established, we offer capacity-building sessions and technical training (train the trainer) services to make the program sustainable and self-sufficient.

Field Audits
& Evaluations

Our  Operational Reviews of Vector Control Operations provide program managers with a detailed and comprehensive look at their programs. They help identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and areas requiring attention and provide a framework that helps managers recognize risk factors and identify potential topics that could be incorporated in an advanced technical training program for their staff so that maximum utilization of available resources is achieved. They recommendations and observations, and a framework from which managers can make appropriate additions, modifications.

Vector Control Products

Combined with the wide range of materials and equipment from our partners, BioRational Vector Control LLC, we provides a wide range of target-specific and environmentally sound biological and chemical agents designed to reduce or eliminate mosquitoes, biting midges, biting flies, kissing bugs, and other nuissance insects. We only recommend top-grade application equipment to apply the selected materials in almost any environment or situation.


We offer capacity-building sessions on vector population suppression measures, environmental health and safety, use of personal protection equipment, insecticide life cycle and their modes of action, use, and limitations, to ministers of health and agriculture, program managers, mid-level managers, and field technicians. Our goal is to ensure the optimal impact of the measures and materials selected on the target vector with minimal effect on the environment.

Application Equipment

We offer a wide range of insecticide and sanitation application equipment ranging from handheld compression sprayers and granule dispensers to portable and truck-mounted ultra-low volume (ULV) sprayers. The use of small unmanned aerial systems (UAS or drones) for diagnostic imaging and pinpoint applications is also available. All services are tailored to specific local parameters and conditions.

Technical Services
and Consulting

In addition to the wide range of natural and environmentally-sound products and materials we offer our clients consulting services tailored to their particular needs and parameters including:

  1. Design, implementation, and/or evaluation of mosquito and vector population surveillance systems.
  2. Design, implementation, and/or evaluation of mosquito and vector control programs.
  3. Evaluation of building and landscaping blueprints during the planning phases and pre-construction stages to preclude them from becoming sources of mosquitoes and other pests.
  4. Scientific lectures and brief chats for community groups and students on the impact of insects of medical and veterinary and their role of vector population suppression methods on the quality of life and the financial stability of:
  • Health management industry.
  • Hospitality industry.
  • Government and non-governmental agencies
    and organizations.
  • Communities and civic organizations.
  • Private sector groups under the corporate social responsibility umbrella.

Tse Tse Fly

Kissing Bug

Anopheles Mosquito

Sand Fly