Mosquito Den is a consortium of like-minded public health and veterinary entomologists, environmental engineers, and professionals relate to public health in general, providing environmentally sound and eco-friendly recommendations for the reduction and eventual elimination of mosquitoes and other types of vectors.


We offer consulting services related to the design, implementation, and evaluation of Integrated Vector Management programs and technical training on the subject. Our extensive list of clients includes privately-owned properties, the hospitality industry, boutique and luxury resorts, governmental and non-governmental agencies, and organizations within the United Nations system. We provide solutions to problems associated with mosquitoes and other biting insects and lectures and discussions on the impact of mosquito populations on human and animal health to communities, colleges and universities, project managers, and ministers.


Our offices are located in Río Grande, Puerto Rico. Our team counts with over a century of collective experience obtained under a wide range of conditions, situations, and projects in over sixty countries. Moreover, we provide our services and consultations in English or Spanish.


Confidentiality is vital to our customers. Professionalism and discretion are very important matters for us. We do not disclose project information progress or locations of any project without consent from the client.