I created Mosquito Den LLC after three decades of bouncing around the world designing, implementing, and evaluating vector control campaigns and conducting capacity-building programs on mosquito and biting midge population management. Over three decades of work in sixty-plus countries in four continents corroborated my feeling that the measures adopted to control malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases are nowhere close to being in line with the concept of integrated vector control. The driving force behind Mosquito Den LLC is to consolidate as many of the tools in the mosquito control tool bag and work with program management teams to see assemble the mosquito control jigsaw puzzle specific for their particular area.


My extensive list of clients around the world includes privately-owned properties, the hospitality industry, boutique and luxury resorts, governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations working on vector control. My goal is to provide feasible solutions to problems with reasonable, measurable, and achievable timelines, with realistic operational tempo. We are also available to present lectures and participate on panel discussions about the emotional, economic impact of mosquitoes, their impact on human and animal health, and the consequences of accepting mosquito populations as an inevitable reality, and the environmental consequences of poorly designed vector population management campaigns. 


Mosquito Den LLC is registered in Río Grande, Puerto Rico, but that’s just where the mail arrives. Having a global reach, the office travels with me.


All services and consultations are provided in English or Spanish and are strictly confidential


Confidentiality is vital to our customers.

Professionalism and discretion are very important to me. I will not disclose project information progress or the location of any project without prior consent from the client.