The Concept

Mosquito Den LLC is the result of decades of designing, implementing, or evaluating, integrated vector control programs against malaria and dengue mosquitoes, Tsetse fly vectors of sleeping sickness, kissing bugs vectors of Chagas Diseases, sand flies, black flies, and filth flies in four continents.


We bring together a selected group of dedicated professionals with an eclectic mix of backgrounds ranging from public health and veterinary entomology, human and veterinary medicine, environmental engineering, physics, and sanitation. We all share a concern:

  • That the current approaches to insect-borne disease control are inadequate,
  • Are not designed or implemented properly, and
  • have failed to reduce vector-human or vector-animal contact and thus lessen the emotional or economic impact on the populations they affect.


Our goal is to help our clients reduce or eliminate insects of public health and veterinary importance in the most expedient and environmentally sound manner with tangible results, while keeping our work and our presence virtually undetected.

Strategy & Methodology

Our recommendations and strategies are tailored to the specific needs of the client and kept strictly confidential. They are designed to meet or exceed national and international standards and regulations, following recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and the US Environmental Protection Agency or regional equivalent.


Our services include:

  • Integrated vector control program, design, implementation, and evaluations.
  • Capacity building and training on vector population management for in-house staff and communities.
  • Site evaluations and environmental impact assessments.
  • Program monitoring and evaluations.
  • Community engagement and intervention strategies designed to make the immediate surroundings less favorable to vector population production.

Environment & Sustainability

We only select environmentally sound and target- specific materials and interventions, and focus our attention on natural or biological materials. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate the target insects while causing no harm to the environment or the people, in a sustainable manner, and with minimum or no outside assistance.

Targeted Interventions

Our environmentally-sound and targeted interventions and procedures are selected based on the clients’ specific parameters and conditions and implemented using the latest available technology to maximize the impact on target insects and cause no harm to non-targeted insects or animals.

Our Team

Our team is composed of experienced, multidisciplinary experts and trainers with a combined knowledge and experience in the control of mosquitoes and other vectors. We follow the guidelines established by the US Environmental Protection Agency, recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and abide by all pertinent national and international laws and regulations designed to reduce vector populations while protecting the environment.

Meet The Vector!

This little gal and her friends
can have a significant impact
on your family, neighborhood, or business.

The Hospitality Industry
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Mosquito Den can help!